At a local level in the city of Pune, KKPKP is a part of the people’s health movement or the Jan Arogya Abhiyan that is also active in the ‘Right to Live’ campaign or the Jagnechya Haqq Abhiyan. KKPKP has been one of the founders and an active member of the Child Rights Network – Action for the Rights of the Child (ARC).  SWaCH is active in the network for Alternative Confluences which is a group of organisations looking at alternative solutions to developmental problems, locally and nationally. SWaCH is also active in the Participatory Budget Network in Pune. Waste Matters is a collective of NGOs and citizens committed to a community based, decentralised, eco-friendly, participatory, labor-sensitive and sustainable model of solid waste management in Pune. Waste Matters collaborated with the Pune Municipal Corporation to evolve a public private venture to manage municipal solid waste that promoted and solicited active participation from citizens. SWaCH was the institutional outcome of Waste Matters’ engagement with the Pune Municipal Corporation on the issue of solid waste management. A similar network is helping to frame the Solid Waste Management Policy for PCMC.  KKPKP is also part of many unorganised sector workers’ networks in Pune.  

KKPKP’s promotional and support activities with organisations of wastepickers in other cities, through local initiatives rather than self-expansion, has been consolidated into the Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW), in 2005. For four years KKPKP functioned as its Secretariat.  The Alliance  Wastepickers in India was formed in March 2005 at a consultation attended by KKPKP (Pune), Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA, Ahmedabad), Stree Mukti Sanghatna (Mumbai), Waste Wise (Bangalore), Nidaan (Patna), Jan Vikas (Indore), Navsarjan (Surat) and Chintan (Delhi). Subsequently other organisations of wastepickers from other areas have been included – Sangli (KKPKP), Latur (Janseva), Nashik (KKPKP), Aurangabad (Maharashtra Mazdoor Union) and Solapur (CITU).

Nationally, KKPKP is an active member of Pension Parishad, that is the platform demanding for a universal old age pension for unorganized sector workers. Pension Parishad is co-convened by Dr. Baba Adhav and Dr. Aruna Roy.