Jyoti Savitrinchi Lekra is KKPKP’s effort towards the recognition, felicitation and celebration of our children who, with immense determination and hard work, stay in school. This initiative predates the formation of our sanghathana, at  a time when most of the children used to work with waste-pickers, with a sack slung around their shoulders. While some children attended the non-formal classes that were conducted by the sanghathana in the vastis,  most didn’t go to school.

Earlier, waste-pickers didn’t believe that education could better the lives of their children. Moreover, those who wanted to send their children to school couldn’t—with the absence of birth certificates and necessary documents, our children could not be enrolled. Additionally, if they did make it to the classroom, the teachers would send them home because our children were “dirty”. They were the first to be shouted at and the last to receive  textbooks and uniforms in Municipal schools. Girls had to deal with that along with family pressures to get married. However, there were some members of the sanghatana who persevered and fought the system to ensure that their children would have a better future.  “Jyoti Savitrinchi Lekra” is a celebration of that spirit. 

Under this program, we felicitate members and their children who have cleared their SSC,  HSC exams or Graduation.